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Trailer for Adwait Sangeet
“Two Voices One Soul”
SAFF Opening Night Film


Trailer for Woman from the East
A film by Jeet Matharuu


The History of South Indian Film

Nikhil Raghavan, Editorial/Feature Writer for The Hindu, one of India’s most respected newspapers, creates a special series of articles for SAFF with Mohan V Raman, writer/film historian and K Hariharan, renowned director/Head of L V Prasad Film and TV Academy, writes about S. Indian Cinema, past to present.

A FLASHBACK – The Origins of Cinema in the South – Part 1

Picture of V. Naik and Devaki from Marthanda Varma.Ask anyone from the film industry in Chennai – How old is Tamil cinema? Most will reply with a query – around 80 years? This is like calculating the age of the child from the moment it started to talk. This is the sad part as … more


SAFF Canada Global Memories Project (SCGMP)

Film Memories: My Grand Uncle and Sholay by Anosh Irani

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When I was young I had heard a story about one of my grand uncles. He lived alone in a large house in a small town. The year was probably 1980, and he was one of the first people in that town to own a VCR. Each night, as he … more